Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rocking Motion Tips

Rocking Motion is the first movement in T'ai Chi Chih®. This may just be the most difficult of all movements to master. The importance of this movement cannot be over emphasized. The movement is done by sifting the weight toward the front of the feet and down into the ground. Then the weight is shifted toward the back of the feet and down into the ground. At the same time the body must remain in perfect alignment.
Your weight should be pushing straight down into the ground at every point. You should push down with your mind and not your muscles. You will be grounded and the body will be in correct alignment. This is true for all other the movements of T'ai Chi Chih®. It is important to feel each point on your feet as the weight is concentrated is on it. This is like giving yourself a foot massage. Your weight must also be perfectly balanced between the right and left foot. Rocking Motion is part of all the movements of T'ai Chi Chih® especially Bird Flaps It's Wings, Wrist Circles, Light at the Top of the Head / the Temple, and Joyous Breath. Incorporate the principles you learn from Rocking Motion into your T'ai Chi Chih® movements and your life.

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Its the hardest for me just cant get balence all the time