Wednesday, March 19, 2008


T'ai Chi Chih® is great for balance. Remember to move with your legs and let your hands and arms follow. It is like walking on a tight rope. Use your arms to keep you balanced. If you lead with your hands you will fall. Next time you practice feel the movement. Keep your balance. Bring your mind down into the souls of your feet. Let your arms follow. Avoid the pitfalls. You may not have a safety net.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Secret of T'ai Chi Chih®

People often ask (or wonder) what is the secret to T'ai Chi Chih®? It is not really a secret. If you want to get benefits from T'ai Chi Chih® you must practice regularly. The more you practice the more you will get out of it.

You can practice T'ai Chi Chih® when ever you have free moment. Make it a habit to practice when you are feeling bored, frustrated, over worked, stressed, or any other time. Other good times to practice are before you have an important meeting or appointment.

T'ai Chi Chih® will help you to relax. Maybe, before you talk to your family or friends after a stressful day a little T'ai Chi Chih® will make you more pleasant to talk to. Most people feel good when they practice T'ai Chi Chih®. So at these times or any other time, just take a moment for yourself (and those around you).

When I first started practicing T'ai Chi Chih® people would often ask me, "what happened, why are you so nice?" Why was this? Please share your comments about times to practice and some your experiences.